The 2018 adventure begins

Axiom Workplaces

It has been an exciting year of navigating change at Axiom. We’re proud to say we’ve fully laid the foundations to become an even better workplace transformation partner for our clients in 2018.

We’ll be unveiling a new Design File case study and video for Kerwin Rae soon! As an entrepreneur and international speaker, Kerwin’s story – and that of his company – is matchless. We really got to demonstrate how Axiom can design to a unique cultural fit in creating Kerwin’s new workspace. Let’s just say, it has been a champagne project for Axiom.

Client Video – Kerwin Rae (Launch Teaser) from Axiom Workplaces on Vimeo.

We’ve got some sensational projects coming up that we’ll be charting for you from start to finish. These include our evidence-based procedural approach, which enables our clients to measure the impact of our designs against their organisation’s productivity and financial bottom-line.

Design is not just about making a workplace attractive. It’s about getting real results from your people and business. And Axiom cannot wait to make it great for you in 2018.

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