Common issues when relocating or re-fitting your workplace

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Before you start making changes to your existing workplace fitout or start planning relocating, take a step back and make sure you’ve considered all the risks and challenges that could arise from such a change. Here are some common pitfalls we find clients worry about, and how to avoid them – so you can feel confident about transforming your workplace for the better.

Staff disruption

Refitting or relocating your office is a big change for employees and can affect their productivity and morale. Some employees may be upset about moving offices and even leave the company if the commute is too far. Changes to your office layout may also be challenging for those people who struggle to adjust to new ways of working.

It’s important to keep employees top of mind at each stage of the process and do everything you can to make them feel positive about the coming changes to their workplace. With the right approach, you’ll keep employees on-side throughout the process and help them settle into their new workspace efficiently.

Business change

A change in leadership, ownership or business structure is often the underlying reason for an office relocation or fitout. If this is the case, your employees may not only need to adjust to a new workspace, but also new colleagues and executive teams. It’s important to manage this change carefully, so the business remains stable and profitable over the long term.

We recommend implementing a workplace strategy to inform you how to relocate or refurbish your office more efficiently with minimum talent loss, while future-proofing your business for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

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Lack of communication

You may be proud of your new office space and believe it will improve collaboration, productivity, efficiency and workplace culture. But unless your employees feel positive about the change, you could face stiff internal resistance. Consider implementing an internal communications strategy that reaches everyone in your company, so they feel consulted, stay informed and know what to expect at every stage of the project.

External communication is also important, particularly if your clients regularly visit your office space. You’ll need to make sure they understand the changes taking place and are prepared for any downtime in your technology during the move or upgrade. If your phone number or address changes even temporarily while you refurbish, ensure it’s updated across all your communications, including your website, email signatures and social media channels.

Unrealistic programme or budget

Many problems that companies face when relocating or refitting their office space are the result of an unrealistic programme or budget. We recommend you start planning no less than 18 months before the change, with a detailed budget that leaves room for unexpected costs. Without a workable plan, you risk placing unnecessary stress on your team and suppliers, which can lead to a negative workplace culture and inferior results.

Knowing your allocated budget and sticking to it is also essential for any successful project. You’ll have a better idea of what’s possible and can brief your suppliers more effectively. A workplace strategy that covers every aspect is the best way to stay on top of both the programme and budget of your office relocation or fitout, so you can spend less time worrying and more time getting things done.

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Not seeking professional help

Relocating or renovating can be stressful, especially when you’re already busy managing a full workload. Many companies also struggle to find an internal resource with the time, experience and expertise to manage an office relocation or fitout.

Hiring a professional team will ensure that all bases are covered, so you can achieve your new workspace as quickly and easily as possible. The benefits of having a dedicated resource outweighs the cost, and helps reduce costly mistakes, downtime or disruption to your business.

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