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There are plenty of ways to separate different spaces creatively, while maximising the natural light and space within your office. Some of the best office designs in Australia use walls in new and unusual ways, using materials including timber, textured wallpaper, glass, graphics, stone, exposed brick, metallics and more.

We love to go beyond mere paint colours and artwork to create office walls that inspire your team and help them achieve your business goals. Whether you’re looking to refresh your existing space or need a complete fit-out, the following office wall ideas may be just the inspiration you need to rethink the plain old office wall.

Movable Office walls

Operable walls are constructed with movable, interlocking panels suspended from an overhead track system. They’re ideal for creating an agile and responsive workspace – dividing large spaces into smaller areas when needed, such as meeting rooms, project offices or function venues. Operable walls come in a range of colours and finishes, including integration of whiteboards to foster creativity, so your walls can align to the rest of your interior design.

Glass walls

Glass walls allow natural light to filter through the office and make rooms seem bigger than they are. They also foster an open and collaborative working environment, where everyone feels like they are connected and involved in the work of other people and teams. Glass walls are also ideal for meeting rooms in the centre of an office, away from windows and natural light.

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Timber walls

Timber is often used in fittings and furnishings, but have you considered using it on your walls? It’s an affordable and flexible material that can be used on an entire wall, or designed as a feature to add interest to a particular area of the office. Timber panels can also be used as a screen to divide a large area into smaller spaces, without closing off the area completely.

Exposed brick walls

Using exposed bricks can complement an urban interior design, adding visual and textural contrasts to what would otherwise be a plain office wall. They’re often ideal in older or heritage-listed buildings, as they can highlight and reflect architectural features. Exposed brick walls can also make the space seem warm and cozy, but they must be treated properly to prevent moisture retention and crumbling.

Graphics walls

Office walls with graphics are becoming more popular, from a chalkboard where staff can add notes, to visuals that capture the values of the company. It’s a cost-effective solution to add colour to your office space and instantly transform the look and feel of a room. Whether you use removable wall decals or paint on the wall directly, there are plenty of options to choose from.


Eco-panelling is light, flexible, fire resistant, affordable and environmentally friendly. It’s also fast to install and provides excellent sound absorption, making it ideal for meeting spaces or quiet rooms. Whether you use eco-panelling selectively or throughout your office, it can be a great way to add interest, warmth and texture to an office wall.

Screen partitions

Sometimes all you need is a screen to partition off a section of the room, rather than a solid wall. Screen partitions are useful for managing foot traffic and dividing offices into smaller areas, while keeping the space open and light. They come in a range of colours, textures and materials, with the option to create a design that complements other design elements or reflect your brand.

Green or garden walls

Green or garden walls are a colourful and dynamic way to brighten your office wall and add some life to your office. Even artificial plants can be effective in bringing a sense of nature into your workplace. Real plants are costlier to nurture and maintain, but can make your office more sustainable by providing natural insulation, reducing air pollution and making your office a more pleasant place to work.

This article in our four-part Design Series offers ideas for using different types of walls to divide up your office space. Check out our other articles on flooring, ceilings and lighting.

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