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It’s Time to Talk: Fostering communication and collaboration in the workplace

Axiom Workplaces

Open offices are great for communication, but lack designated spaces for collaboration and quiet. Axiom’s Annelie Xenofontos, and Culture Amp’s Chloe Hamman discuss how both collaborative and quiet spaces help foster workplace wellbeing and communication.

Chloe Hamman
Lead People Scientist, Culture Amp

Annelie Xenofontos
Senior Workplace Strategist, Axiom

Chloe: So how can we design workspaces that encourage those kind of, incidental interactions? What we see, considering the theories I talked about earlier, is we don’t, we tend to stick to our places, our favourite spots, and we don’t tend to have those interactions with people outside of our teams. So how can workplaces or workspace design encourage those kind of incidental interactions?

Annelie: Interestingly enough, have you got any particular thought on mentoring that happens quite naturally when you’ve got different aged people sitting next to each other all of a sudden in agile work environments, where before they would hardly ever have had the opportunity to really connect and now they could do so in a very informal fashion?

Chloe: We see that work really well, especially when it comes to social spaces and I sort of talk about this as the really careful placement of the water cooler. So it’s very deliberate that water coolers are placed kind of out of the way for everybody, so it’s not your usual walking path. So to get your water you end up bumping into people you don’t normally bump into, and having a bit of a chat.

Annelie: That corridor conversation.

Chloe: Absolutely.

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