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It’s Personal: Creating a sense of belonging in the workplace

Axiom Workplaces

Axiom’s Annelie Xenofontos and Culture Amp’s Chloe Hamman demystify the concept of personalisation at work. In this five-minute video, they explain how the little things can make a world of difference when it comes to helping your people feel like they belong.

It’s Personal is part one of a 12-minute filmed conversation, Thriving Spaces: Designs for Workplace Engagement, featuring Annelie Xenofontos and Chloe Hamman.

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Thriving Spaces: Designs for Workforce Engagement

How do you create a workplace that enables both your people and your business thrive? Annelie Xenofontos, Senior Workplace Strategist at Axiom, and Chloe Hamman, Lead People Scientist at Culture Amp, discuss the group and individual psychological dynamics of your team, and how these needs can be addressed in your office fitout and other design elements of the workspace.

Marking your territory: Why personalisation is important

We spend approximately 30 percent of our lives at work so it’s easy to understand why adding a personal touch (or two or three) to our workspace is very important to us. Apart from the productivity benefits, creating a sense of belonging in the workplace is crucial to helping people feel they are welcome and, above all, valued.