Axiom Workplaces

Axiom head office

Sydney, CBD

620 sqm

Scope of work

  • Interior design
  • Project management
  • Construction management
  • Workplace strategy
  • Furniture and workstation solutions
  • Bespoke joinery solutions
  • Removal of ceiling and slab exposure
  • Creation of one-of-a-kind ideas/meeting hub
  • Introduction of Australia-first features

Axiom specialises in creatively transforming office spaces into engaging, future-focused, environments where people and businesses thrive. Given its mission, Axiom understood the importance of perfecting its new headquarters, but also considered it a golden opportunity to showcase workplace design innovation and the company’s skill for delivering on a vision.

Before Axiom, the uninspiring interiors of 6 O’Connell Street, Sydney, had been a deterrent to tenants. The Axiom team relished in taking a ‘blank canvas’ approach to entirely overhauling the space in the company’s own vision. The ceilings, floors and walls were all stripped back, and some walls removed, to fully open the space and allow it to be remodelled in the shape of a compass to echo Axiom’s brand as ‘change navigators’.

The detailing of the workspace included bespoke joinery that was initially thought impossible (even by the joinery specialists), but Axiom proved viable through the execution. The Hub and Virtual Reality Display that sits at the centre of the compass is a one-of-a-kind design, created entirely by Axiom to meet the company’s requirements. The private ‘telephone’ booth is also a first for Australia, having been sourced from European suppliers and imported specifically for this progressive workspace.

The new Axiom HQ is a compelling example of how a fit-for-purpose creative fitout of even a B-grade and largely undesirable space (although with million-dollar Harbour Bridge views) is totally achievable. Even if you can’t see the potential yourself, Axiom can see it for you.

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