Case study –Bendelta

As strategists, psychologists and learning pioneers, Bendelta applies scientific principles to enable organisations, teams and individuals to reach their full potential and secure sustainable transformation.

  • Location Sydney, CBD
  • Size 400 sqm

The challenge

Consistent with their ideology, Bendelta wanted an unconventional office space that would be forward-thinking and unique to their brand. While dealing with an expanding workforce and a limited budget, Bendelta wanted to enhance the office culture and experience for staff and clients. It was a commercial building however Bendelta did not want it to look like a commercial office. Bendelta wanted the feeling that when you walk in, it was not even recognisably an office.

The company also wanted an arrival area that didn’t take up a lot of space. Bendelta wanted an area that didn’t close off arriving visitors, where you can see through it, and announced you were at Bendelta.

The solution

Axiom understood the way Bendelta worked and their motivation. The designers strategised with a view of elevating Bendelta to be a highly collaborative team environment in order to enhance the culture and transform the workplace experience.

To make the new workplace looking less like an office, the Axiom team selected carpet and furniture that were not commercial items. Quiet rooms mirrored a library, and workstations broke with convention.

Working to a tight time frame, Axiom were present every step of the journey to ensure on-time delivery, while not compromising on any of the design elements. The bespoke joinery solutions are a major feature throughout, as is the green arrivals wall upon entry, which also serves as a subtle nod to the green building practices employed in the new space.

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The result

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