Case study –Coleman Greig

Coleman Greig is Greater Western Sydney’s leading law firm, offering award-winning legal expertise.

  • Location Parramatta, NSW
  • Size 1,350 sqm

The challenge

Coleman Greig wanted to make the shift to a more agile, flexible approach in their new location in Parramatta. This was, in part, brought about by the realisation that allocated work points were inefficient, as many staff members worked across multiple sites.

This raised the question of how to future proof the new office to attract the right talent and reflect the highly engaged and caring nature of the team at Coleman Greig. The requirement of assigned work points was re-evaluated, to provide more access to variations in their work environment. Front of house meeting areas for clients and the opportunity to host larger events remained an important part of the brief, as well as being able to flex up space to suit various requirements.

The solution

Axiom refreshed the look and feel of the office, but retained the essence of Coleman Greig through a choice of natural finishes. The connection to the land was paramount and was hinted at through the use of Aboriginal themed graphics and meeting room names. This subtly showcases Coleman Greig’s connection to Parramatta as a firm.

Shared collaboration areas were created in high traffic areas, with collaborative work spaces just beyond, flowing into the more focused, quiet work areas which were removed from the activity of general spaces. Individual storage was catered for by providing lockers, and allocated, mobile trolleys for those that were still relatively reliant on paper.

Front of house meeting rooms varied by size to cater for the personal family law clientele, as well as the larger required boardrooms for commercial clients and industry events.

Axiom engaged with staff through workshops to gain insights into how they saw themselves achieving the shift in work approach and what they felt was most needed and important along the journey.

Through 1-on-1 interviews with senior leaders, we gained an understanding of the vision which they had as a business and how the workplace should be designed to support that vision.

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